Born and raised in Italy, Federica has been living in Chicago since 2013. With a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and working experience in the industry, Federica adopted photography as a new medium to express herself when moving to the United States. Passionate about design and art, interior photography felt like a natural extension of her creative being.

In perpetual pursuit of beauty, no matter the subject, Federica's work focuses on balance, light, and conveying the final image as a result of multiple facets.

As a creative, Federica loves to explore new things, experiment with different techniques to create her collections. She believes in living her life at its full potential, pursuing all the talents she has been given.

When she is not photographing, Federica's life is shared with her Italian husband, two beautiful American children, and a Chicago-suburban cat.


Bits & Pieces

Zodiac Sign


Born in

Napoli, Italia

N. of Cities I lived in

Roma, Trieste, Padova, Monza, Chicago.

Favorite Food

Pizza, pasta, biscotti. What else?

Favorite Music

Anything by Oasis and Muse. And I do love classical music.

Favorite Author

I have a thing for Jane Austen and 19th century authors.

Favorite Color

Can't choose!


Horse riding, tennis, reading, sleeping (!), traveling, playing piano & guitar.

Wine or Beer?

Both, please.